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When you need insurance, it’s important that the agent who handles your case treats you like people (not a policy number) and uses their industry expertise. We will go out of its way to make sure what matters most is protected by using all available resources

PLW & Associates agents are not just knowledgeable about different types of policies; they also know how best protect individuals’ valued assets with personalized service.

Prentice Walker

Email: walkerp8@plwinsured.com
Office Number: (770) 761-2111 Ext. 101
Alternate No: (678) 882-7513
Fax: (678) 882-7513
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Janine Walker

Email: janine@plwinsured.com
Office Number: (770) 761-2111 Ext. 102
Alternate No: (678) 882-7512
Fax: (678) 882-7512
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Kathleen McGee

Customer Service
Email: kathleen@plwinsured.com
Office Number: (770) 761-2111 Ext. 108
Alternate No: (470) 582-9774
Fax: (470) 582-9774
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Shayna Phillips

Email: shayna@plwinsured.com
Office Number: (770) 761-2111 Ext. 106
Alternate No: (678) 394-0976
Fax: (678) 394-0976
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Courtney Cox

Customer Service
Email: courtney@plwinsured.com
Office Number:  (770) 761-2111 Ext. 105

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